Pack: Alexandra Hart

The Alpha of Port Perry


Alexandra is the Alpha of the Port Perry pack, she has been seen as a very powerful Wolf. She is often revered as a leader due to leading out of respect and fairness. Although mysterious she is considered to be one of the best Alphas known.

With long red luscious hair she is enchanting, her heterochromia is often the first thing that grabs the attention of those who first meet her. She will often be seen in every day clothes that are tighter fitting. Alexandra often goes by Alex to the locals she comes off as friendly, she frequents the local shops and bars a lot and a lot of the locals really enjoy her company. She enforces the rule that no one hunts in Port Perry.

She is considered fair and a great leader, but those who test her and go against her do not live long.

Not much is known about Alexandra, other than the fact that she has been around for a very long time. She will often have rituals and other magics used to make her look older to humans so that she can continue to live on the farm with out notice of her endless

Alexandra brought most of the notability she has now to her self 19 years ago when her pack was attacked by a coven of vampires attempting to move in and take the city of Toronto from her. The attack decimated her pack and nearly wiped them out. With the help of Anna Marie and Jeremy she has rebuilt and has become noted as one of the most resilient and strongest Werewolves. Her word is law and few, even the neutral factions attempt to go against her.

Alaxandra ended up hearing a howl on that early spring morning when the Hunter Pack was out for their morning exercise, she gathered Jeremy and Anna Marie and rushed to their aid. Upon arrival she saw him, Domonick; the old Vampire who wore a daylight ring, she with out hesitation lead the other wolves with her and tore him apart. After killing him she picked the Day Light ring off of his body using a handkerchief (As it was Silver). She decided to send the Hunter Pack to Toronto to meet Aaron and get answers. Equipping the Hunter Pack well, she sent them on their way.

Alexandra in Wolf form


Pack: Alexandra Hart

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