Pack: Aris Herne

The Witch Wolf


Clear Skin
Black shaggy hair (See picture)
Perfect White Teeth
Small beauty mark under mouth on left side
Always wears a silver chain and his fathers dog tags.


18 years old, Aris was a witch that was cast out of his coven for something his parents had done when he was 13. Alexandra came across him one in an ally, believing him to be dying she attacked the body, after realizing that he wasn’t dead she stopped, as monstrous as werewolves can be, murdering children is against Alexandras rules. The bite took hold of Ares, surprisingly enough as no Witch has ever withstood the bite of a werewolf. But Ares did survive, Alexandra ended up changing him and bringing him in to the fold.

He enjoys his new life as a werewolf witch and spends most of his time practicing magic. Some are un-trusting of him due to his original life as a werewolf.

Aris takes advantage of his free time and will often go out to party and club, although a member of the pack for 5 years now Ares still has many secrets.

Aris is considered to be a powerful witch, his practicing of the craft doesn’t take as much of a hit in having to rest like other witches do because of his lycanthropy. Ares is the only known Witch Werewolf in history, Alexandra attempts to keep his presence a secret but whispers of a witch werewolf are out, Aris is a mystery for many of the Pack because he is the only Werewolf known to be fully immune to the effects of Silver. Will Ares draw attention from powerful figures in the supernatural world? Now more than ever does he need someone to rely on.

Aris often sneaks away from the Pack, no one really knows if any of the Pack leaders know this or not, but Ares will often sneak south in his Car.

Aris as a Wolf

Aris finds it very hard to change in to the same wolf forms that the others are able to easily. He uses his magic to assist in his transformation. Due to his unique situation Aris changes in to uniquely aesthetic wolves for both his normal wolf form and his werewolf form.

Nadine, Kerin and Faolan went to Aris’ room to ask for help on spells, he was a little off put by being asked for help, which was a little foreign to him but he offered what he could and suggested to Nadine to pick up a book so he could help more “The link of Spirits to Nature” Nadine agreed to look for the book and they left his room.

Aris wasn’t seen much till a little later, Nadine called Aris from Carassas shop and called to ask about the ritual of unbinding to find out if it would be useful and what it would be good for the demon that they were to face. After a bunch of back and forth the call eventually got cut off, instead of calling back Nadine decided to have the Tech group at the estate ping Aris’ phone to find out where is was.

The group tracked Aris down to the Fairmont hotel by Union Station where they saw Gabriel walking in to his room. After a short time of Nadine listening at the door she finally knocked and spoke with him. Aris gave them some information what a ritual of unbinding was (In more detail now that they were in person) and as well explained how demons worked, explaining that Demons were either born demons, like a pure bred werewolf. Or that they were turned in to demons, like how a Vampire can change a human.

With this in mind the group realized they could probably use the Unbinding Ritual to free the man from his demonic affliction in hopes to have a profitable return on the
Ritual. Aris ported the group back to Cassaras shop and their car back to Aaron’s place in Cabbage Town.
Discription used for the portal back to Hoggs Hollow :

The hallway freezes in place, anyone walking is frozen, plants stop moving the air becomes still, Aris’ eyes become bright blue and shine very bright. light blue streaks come around the hallway and suddenly your bodies begin to vanish and are ripped apart and placed at the voodoo shop.

The Fairmont Hotel


Aris in Wolf Form


Pack: Aris Herne

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