Pack: Carmen Hart (Sipawits)

The newest wolf


Brown/Red Hair
fair skin
Brown Eyes
Dresses decently (More of a homey look)


Full Story:

Carmen was a young girl from the city of Brampton, she was a student at Sheridan college studying Information Systems Security. Her mother and father were devorced, her mother was living in Brampton, after a fight one day Carmen moved out in to the school dorms, a few days later her mother passed away.

A little after their divorce Carmen’s father remarried to a younger woman and moved to Blackstock, a small town a bit away from Port Perry. Carmens father Daniel got his wife pregnant and with the announcement of the new child he decided that he was going to start separating himself from Carmen slowly. One day during October Carmen went to visit her father and his new wife, that evening Daniel told Carmen that she wasn’t welcome back and he didn’t want anything more to do with her.

That evening Carmen, struken by sadness ran out in to the night crying, her sobbing attracted vampires in the area. The Vampires that found Carmen abducted her and instead of killing her for food they decided to keep her around. After days of torture and feasting on her blood slowly Carmen finally managed to escape in to sunlight, she ran and ran through the forest that links Blackstock and Portperry together, as night began to fall the angry vampires began to look for her, after looking they easily caught up to her. Jumping on to Carmen and tackling her to the ground they began to bleed her slowly, the vampires hadn’t fed on her in a few days, long enough for the venom to drain out of her system, their intent was to kill her slowly for running. The screams of Carmen echoed through the forest, and heard by Alexandra, on a run by her self heard the screams and quickly ran to investigate, seeing the vampires attacking the girl, Alexandra jumped on to them and ripped them apart with out mercy, the screams of the girl quickly replaced by the yelps of the two vampires.

After Alexandra slaughtered the vampires she could clearly see the girl was dying, Alexandra, seeing the poor girl and sensing her pain, not only from the vampires but from the pain of her mothers death and her fathers abandonment, Alexandra took pity and attempted to turn Carmen in to a Werewolf.

It had succeeded, Carmen was a werewolf, a full member of the Pack; Carmen was not ready for what had happened to her, she suffered heavy anxiety attacks multiple times a day and could barley function. After a few months she became a little more mobile and was able to do things. Alexandra gave her the time she needed, sensing that loyalty was something that Carmen would be good with she wanted to earn her trust. Ares, the young wolf witch quickly became something that Carmen had become interested in, a growing relationship with Ares cause a great deal of progress to be made with her anxiety and coming to terms with what had happened. Carmen and Ares had become fairly good friends, although Ares has always been aloof Carmen feels a strong emotional attraction to him and wishes that they could be more than friends, upset that Ares doesn’t feel the same; Carmen attempts to make due as just friends.

To this day Carmen functions much better than she did when she was first turned, although still having problems she is slowly becoming a valued member of the Pack.

Quick Story:

Carmen has been with the pack for only a year now, she was found running for her life in the woods by Alexandra after being attacked, tortured and chased by Vampires. Alexandra slaughtered the vampires, feeling bad for the girl who was dying Alexandra attempted to turn her in to a Wolf, still traumatized from the attack on her life she is adjusting to her new life as a Werewolf in the Port Pack.

Carmen has a strange attracting to Ares, although he has never shown feelings for her he has always been a good friend to her. Carmen is a very closed off Wolf and has a serious case of Anxiety, she has problems turning in to a full werewolf and rarely can do so unless stressed or under a full moon.

Pack: Carmen Hart (Sipawits)

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