Voodoo: Cassara

Voodoo Witch Doctor


One of the most notable witch doctors of the Toronto Order, she is often the face to the general population that seeks out the Order.

She always keeps her hair up in a frayed tie with feathers coming out, when in public she dresses like a normal person that would blend in.

In the groups first meeting with her she became instantly annoyed due to Faolans attitude towards her. She eventually came around after talking to the group for a bit. She originally gave the task to the group to kill a man that she describes as “A fat former mayor of Toronto” that had been accidentally changed in to a demon when they attempted to assassinate him with a mystical drug. ((The drug had… poor reactive qualities)) The group agreed and she gave them the information of his location, informing them that he was chained under ground in a near by park.

Faolan redeemed himself later on, Red (The Vampire) came along and was spotted by Faolan, he informed Cassara and Cassara intern offered them some insight in to their targets by turning them invisible and faking their leaving.

Red decided to threaten Cassara and Cassara intern displayed her power turning the house into what seemed to be a decrepit rundown house scaring Red off.

She was shown a special scroll by Nadine and told her to come back and speak in private later on about it.

She ended up selling the group a scroll of unbinding that the group believes they can use to save the man they were sent to kill, this was unknown to Cassara.

Cassara met with Nadine later on the same evening and told her about the scroll that she had, after a short time she left back with the group and Cassara stayed inher shop.

Voodoo: Cassara

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