Pack: Jeremy Colins - Hart

The Packs Guardian


The second oldest living Wolf of the Port Pack, Jeremy is a great adviser to Alexandra and would listen to her judgement with out question. He rarely strays from the house and feels over protective of the pack with a special bond to Kerin and Alexandra. Jeremy has an interesting relationship with Anna Marie and they seem to go back and forth a lot, although they wouldn’t let anything get between the Pack.

Jeremy is a larger buff man with a beard, he wares a leather jacket and often blue jeans.

Jeremy came to the pack with his parents, Jaina and Gordan, they gave birth to both Kerin and Jeremy but they died when Kerin was a baby and when Jeremy was only 12. Jeremy’s parents died in the first assault of the Vampires on the Hart Estate, after the pack was decimated to only but a few Alexandra helped to train Jeremy and now he is one of her inner circle.

Jeremy was a Hunter until 8 years ago when a second, smaller and easily defeated wave of Vampires attacked the Estate when he opted to stay at the Estate at all times with Alexandra to insure her protection.

Jeremy went to help the Hunter Pack when they were attacked by Domonick at the command of Alaxandra. He saw Kerin coming with them, although un-ordered he decided it wasn’t a big deal and not to say anything. After the attack Jeremy seemed to just vanish off somewhere with not anyone thinking much of it.

Jeremy in his Werewolf Form


Pack: Jeremy Colins - Hart

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