Pack: Kerin Colins - Hart

The True Blood Rebel


Jeremy’s younger brother, treated like a son since the death of his father, the young 19 year old is slightly implosive and comes with a little attitude, although he always obeys Alexandras order he will not hesitate to use a loophole to get around what she says. Rebellious but still loyal, he will often go out alone.

Impulsive and angry after the death of his parents Kerin doesn’t like to stay in one place, he would always take off from anyone that would get close to him, but everything changed when school started one year.

Kerin attended high school like a normal kid growing up, that is where he met Nadine, the young lady who he fell for. General negligence of the girl quickly led to flirting after Kerin realized he couldn’t resist her scent, something about her reminded him of how he would run in the woods as a wolf alone, her artistic style and passion drew him in little bit by little bit, the only thing that is more mysterious then Kerin himself is the girl he fell for.

They had both math and science together and this is where his first interest began. Her scent, out of all others in the room, was overwhelming and enticing. He couldn’t resist meeting her or at least talking to her on occasion. Confused by his own acute interest he was only drawn in by her energetic and eccentric behavior and he passion for art and books. Something in her eyes reminded him of the woods and the exhilaration he felt when running wild. Little by little he was being drawn in, her lively, adventurous disposition only encouraged him more

While on one of his runs through the woods, Kerin heard a familiar voice cry out. it was Nadine, the girl from school. Kerin ran through the woods as the screams continued, the sun had gone and shadows covered the forest. As Kerin reached the edge of the woods he saw a car parked with a girl beside it screaming, crouched down as a large man in all black walked towards her, Kerin knew right away it was a vampire. The Vampire lunged at Nadine and as he dove on her Kerin as a wolf lunged at the vampire, grabbing his neck in his jaw he ripped the vampire off of Nadine in one quick circular movement and then killed it. Moving over to Nadine he had gotten there to late, the vampire had thrusted his hand in to her stomach and she was bleeding out, Kerin was faced with the ultimate choice, to let this girl die or to change her and risk the wrath of his pack.

Kerin wasn’t happy about Nadine being placed in to the Hunter pack (Player group) that was being sent out. He gave her a large grimoar filled with spells and had many blank pages for her to add to, Nadine took the book and didn’t even really ask where it came from.

On the morning of their first leave in to Toronto Nadine slipped Kerin something to remember her bye, she gave it to him as he caught up with her and caught up with her to give her the spell book she had forgotten.

in wolf form


Pack: Kerin Colins - Hart

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