Pack: Lancelot

The Nobel Wolf


Blonde Hair
Always in a suit and Tie
Ring with black stone on hand


Lancelot is to be considered one of the most noble of all Wolves, he is considered famous throughout the werewolf community in the world.

Lancelot was turned roughly during the late middle ages in Europe. No one knows exactly what or who he was before his change, but he is often referred to as “The Noble”.

Lancelot is part of the Port Perry back but he is unique in the sense where, although he takes orders from Alaxandra, their relationship is different from the rest of the the Port pack, she rarely tells him what to do and when she does it comes off more as a request.

Lancelot is a fairly mild mannered man, he is always in a suit and is very prim. Lancelot has a small house in the back of the estate. Lancelot will often teach martial weapons to those who desire to learn.

Pack: Lancelot

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