Pack: Mia

The cunning one


Brown Hair
Brown Eyes


Mia was born during the time of the Six Dynasties in China, Mia was turned during the rule of Emperor Wu. After the rebelion that brought Emperor Wu to power there was a great deal of inner turmoil, many families could not afford to live, Mia was sold at a young age by her mother in hopes to gain enough money to feed her younger sister.

During Mia’s transportation to Jiankang the groups transporting her and others like her were attacked by bandits. Capturing the females, raping and forcing them in to slavery and killing the men Mia survived for ten years under capture until one night a pack of werewolves massacred the bandits that had kept her all of that time, by chance one of the werewolves didn’t kill Mia, but only bit her, being left for dead the bite changed Mia, turning her in to a werewolf; after her change Mia searched for the pack of wolves that changed her.

Mia has lived for over a thousand years and since then has become a very powerful werewolf. Her travels have so far tempered her in to a powerful weapon. Mia perfers to use her human combat abilities rather then her wolf, she often comes off as very distant and cold. It takes a great deal of persistence to get through to Mia, most of the Pack do not know why she is with them, some question if Alaxandra is even more powerful than Mia.

Pack: Mia

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