Supporting: Gustav Von Konig

European Intel


A stern man in his mid to late 40s.

The very air around him almost seems charged with confidence and strength. He’s forcefully intimidating and one would gather from just the look in his eyes that the confidence does not come without the experience.

His gray-blue gaze is commanding and along with his angular, traditionally Germanic features, gives an overall “solid” look. It’s easy to see his skin is weather worn and fairly scarred, especially around his arms and torso, a few nicks around his jawline, with a fine, thin scar on his left temple. He looks like he’s had an incredibly active combat lifestyle. His brown hair is kept short and orderly.

He can speak fluent German, French, Polish, and fairly fluent English.

He’s a proud man, but has been tempered by time, so his proud disposition is lacking the arrogance one would expect with his body language.


Gustav was born at the beginning of the Age of Bismarck in 1851, shortly before Germany’s power as a country began to take hold. Born in a world of chaos and war it’s all he really knows. He lived under the reign of Prussian King Wilhelm I, the “German Emperor”, and served as a spy under Otto von Bismarck the new Minister President of Prussia.

Gustav served faithfully in the German Military as Private Intelligence up until 1895 where he mysteriously vanished while on a mission to communicate with a potential new resource to aid the growth of Germany’s naval power.

It was thought he died, when in reality he was intercepted by supernatural forces working for Britain. He was tortured and interrogated and eventually mauled by the werewolf Vincent Ansel. Doubting his survival after such a beating, they left him for dead. Needless to say Gustav survived.

He returned to the German military a year later, admitting to abduction and torture via the British army, which immediately soured any allegiance between the two countries. What he told his superiors was only half true, he had been their prisoner for a month. He readily hid the fact he was a werewolf, and had spent the remainder of the year gaining control over himself.

From then on, Gustav spent copious amounts of time changing his name, identity, and at least a little bit, his appearance as he quickly learned that he did not age with his comrades. He eventually lost contact with them and refused to make any deeper ties to his allies again.

Shortly before WWI he fell in love, only to have her taken away by his own allies, because she was not “part of the future of Germany”, not working in her favor was that she was a gypsy of Polish decent. She was sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time as Germany entered its Nazi Regime years. Gustav secretly denounced his heritage and his people but remained in touch, and as WWI began he fell into the roll as an Allied forces secret intelligence spy.

He later fell into the same roll during WWII (1939-45), but under a new alias.

Present day: Gustav has reconnected with his predecessors (family), with the same name that we was born with, but as a current individual named after his former self. He typically keeps in touch via the Internet to avoid anyone noticing his lack of aging.

Nadine, having traveled to Germany countless times to meet her family, encountered him during her human years and met Gustav many times. She thought he was an odd individual but shrugged it off as differences in culture and language. After her Changing though, she noticed countless inconsistencies that she didn’t before. She got in touch with him shortly after her Change, informing him of her own situation. He visited Port Perry privately and assisted in her adjustment to the transformation before returning to his own small group in Berlin. Nadine learns while he’s visiting that he is her many times over great-grandfather.

Note historical points in his life:

1871: He was present for the proclamation of the German Empire, serving as a private guard.

1918-1919: German Revolution, as intelligence gatherer.

1941-44: Continuation war, in support of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany.

1953: Involved in the Uprising of East Germany, as supporter of rebel forces.

2001-present: Afghanistan War – He’s only been moderately involved due to the fairly recent founding of his own pack in Berlin.



Supporting: Gustav Von Konig

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