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Alexandra Hart is the Pack leader of the Pack in Port Perry, a smaller town just off of Lake Scugog, North East of Toronto. Alexandras pack has been finding strange things going on in the towns around them, the Japanese Syndicate that has many stations around Toronto has been of no help, the other neutral factions, the Witches, the Voodoo Priests and the learnt humans have rejected any knolowedge of what is going on.

Vampires, your moral enemy have always lived with in Toronto, but signs are starting to point that a coven is moving in, a real coven that is organised and could potentially become a threat. It is up to Alexandras pack to find out what is going on and stop it before it gets out of hand.

You are a Hunter, a werewolf that is split in to a smaller group or a regiment, you and the wolves you are with are tasked to complete “missions” for your Alpha and the rest of the Pack. Being sent out to do things, some times gone for days you are able to earn rewards and ascend to power.

You live on the Hart Farmstead, a very large house that has a great deal of land backing on to Lake Scugog, there are those who work the farm and keep appearances up but you are given more freedom. You’re task is to earn money, Essence (Supernatural specific currency) and insure the safety of the pack.

Main Page

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