Supporting: Alexis

The Wandering Rogue


A werewolf of potentially many years, Alexis (Lexi) is a rather unusual sort for a werewolf.


Bold, experienced, and clever enough to go undetected for 6 years during which she lived among the members of Thr1LLs33ker, Lexi accompanied the sporting group on their outings and provided the financial muscle that kept it going for six years. She usually came off as brave, adventurous, and fun loving around the humans she knew, but didn’t typically permit herself to show more warmth than that. Nixus himself was unusual exception to the rule.

Alexis is also the werewolf responsible for turning Nixus after his accident. In the time since, she’s tried to teach him to hunt and take care of himself, but progress on that front has been relatively slow in coming. At this point it’s not known whether she turned Nixus as a friendly gesture or wanted him to be a werewolf on account of more personal reasons.

Regardless, the two seem to get along.

“Kiss my ass!”
Alexis and Nixus – simultaneously shouting from a mountains peak

Meeting Nixus:

She was once the provider of Thr1lls33ker’s finances, as well as a long-time member of the group. She first encountered Nixus when he was new to the whole idea and little more than a lost wanderer looking for his place in the world. Initially expecting to make him her kill for the week, she changed her mind when he turned out to be highly agreeable, at which point she introduced him to Harrison and the rest of the Thr1llS33kers. The group became his family for the next four years, during which time the two bonded and became close friends.

Teaching Nixus:

For the most part, Alexis attempted to keep things the way they’d been prior, perhaps fearing Nixus’s reaction, were he to learn the truth. While she did help him grow attuned to his new senses (namely smell and hearing), she didn’t teach him all that much. But to be fair, his current pack hasn’t taught him a whole lot apart from Nadine and Faolan anyway.

For a while after his change, she would sneak human into Nixus’s food without disclosing where it’d come from or what it really was. She herself had amended to tell him the truth halfway into his second month with her, but the full moon threw a wrench into that plan. During his fourth full moon, Nixus happened across a married couple (judging from the ring he barfed up) in a clearing somewhere, and scarfed them both down, as he’d been surviving on what little amounts of human that Alexis was managing to sneak into his diet. When the ring came up (with a few of the bones relative to that finger), Nixus was full of questions. After a long pause, Alexis attempted to explain the matter to Nixus, and this is ultimately what led him to hunt in search of an alternative that didn’t exist.

“…That’s a finger……… Holy, shit.”
Nixus Masterson – staring into a toilet

Being turned:

In Character It is not known whether Alexis was always a werewolf, or whether she was changed during an outing in some part of the world. Just that she’s very good at leading her double life without being discovered. So far, Nixus hasn’t asked too many questions about her hunting habits, though she has caught him looking up the missing person reports for some of the areas that they visited with Thr1lls33ker before.

Continued Contact

Nixus is determined to remain in touch with Alexis, which suits her just fine.

Romantic interests:

At this point it’s not known for sure whether Alexis has been trying to tell Nixus something, or simply keeps a scented candle collection somewhere in her rental home. Whatever the case, Nixus finds her presence familiar and particularly calming when compared against that of other wolves, though he seems a little uncertain on the matter of the scent…

Supporting: Alexis

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