Item: Nadine's Grimoire


A large leather bound book
Black Cover
Markings on the front

Spells, Rituals and Ceremonies that are learnt permanently will be placed in to this book.



Grimoire Casting:
You pull out your Grimoire in combat and use it to cast spells directly. You cannot attack or use other spells while your Grimoire is out. It can be placed away as a free action but taking it out is a standard action.


Fireball – Shoot a fireball out at your target dealing damage your target and place a burning effect on them. The burning effect will transfer to a target that hits the the original (burning) target.
Damage: 1D8
DoT Damage: 2

Reagents: (Enough for 7 Casts)

Ash of Burnt Willow Tree
Twigs, from a Maple Tree, Bound together by Silk cloth

-You unbind a for from an object returning them to their original form and restoring
Part of the bound person/creature + Ash of a vampire + Hair of a Werewolf + Water + Fire (A match or something) + Soil + a place where fresh air can get to you. The ritual doesn’t need to be preformed in the general area or location of the bound target.

Phoenix Dive X2
-You dive forward up to 7 spaces burning everyone in the area behind you dealing damage.
Damage: 1D4 per level max 5. (At level 7 and above) You deal 5D4 + 1D6 per level.
Ash of Burnt Willow Tree
Swan Feather
Contained Volatile Fire
Captured Fire


Unknown Earth Ceremony


Calming Wave:
- Take near by water to heal an ally. If attuned to Water then you can create your own water. Healing = 1D6 + healing Modifier. Roll 1D20 if it’s over 10 no water source is needed. If over 15 you splash to a near by target for 1/2 the value.

Item: Nadine's Grimoire

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